What is Index and what does it do?

Index ry is the student organization of Information Studies students in the University of Oulu. Among other things, Index promotes student interests by taking part in the decision-making of the department of Information Studies. It also strives for taking care of the rights of Information Studies students in the university world. In contrast to its official duties, Index also arranges parties, excursions, theatre nights and other events for students.

How can I get in?

All those studying Information Studies as a major in the University of Oulu are welcome to join Index. We also warmly welcome all exchange students to take part in our events and activities, even if they are not officially members of Index. If you are interested, feel free to look up photos of our past events under the heading “Kuvia”.

Important terminology:

Kiltahuone, kiltis: Guild Room. Every student organization has its own Guild Room somewhere in the university and Index is no exception. Index shares a guild room with Suma and Communica. The Joint Guild Room is located near Geokatu, Humus and Tellus in the Department of Humanities in room HUM104. The Guild Room is open every day until 10 pm.

Kiltiskahvit: Guild Room Coffee Break. Usually about once every two months Index arranges a coffee break in the Guild Room, lasting a couple of hours at a time. Free coffee, tea and snacks are abundant! Since many Index members pay a visit to the Guild Room sometime during the Coffee Break it is also a very good way to meet other students.

Hallitus: The Board. Chosen every year from among the students, these are the people who make all the Big Decisions regarding the official and unofficial tasks that Index has. Year 2019, the board consists of the following people:

President: Jenni Mikola [Jenni.Mikola@…]
Vice president: Lauri Kuha [Lauri.Kuha@…]
Secretary and Chief of Communications: Tiina Kukkonen [Tiina.Kukkonen@…]
Treasurer: Jenny Kärki [Jenny.Karki@…]
Educational Policy Manager: Matias Hartikainen [Matias.Hartikainen@…]
Social Policy Manager: Susanna Kouva [Susanna.Kouva@…]
Project Manager & Chief of Sports: Matti Pieniniemi [Matti.Pieniniemi@…]
Chief of Cultural Affairs: Janne Venho [Janne.Venho@…]
International Affairs Manager: Jenny Kärki [Jenny.Karki@…]
Editors of Relevanssi: Jenny Kärki & Lucie Hradecká [Jenny.Karki@…, Lucie.Hradecka@]
Party and Events Managers: Linda Pihlajaniemi [Linda.Pihlajaniemi@…]
Guild Room Host: Susanna Kouva [Susanna.Kouva@…]
Webmaster: Henri Pitkänen [Henri.Pitkanen@…]

If you wish to contact the board members, you can do it by using the e-mail addresses written in the brackets. The ending for each e-mail address is student.oulu.fi.

Relevanssi: The very own magazine of Index, made by Index members for Index members. Relevanssi is released four times a year, and any member of Index is entitled to write in it. Relevanssi is written mainly in Finnish, but every now and then some articles in English are published as well.

Index online:

Index has a Facebook page which you can like and follow (link on the right). There’s also a Facebook group and an IRCnet channel (#index-all). Find us on Instagram as well! You are welcome to join us on the internet!